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XIST: Dream Human. Dream Simple. Dream Together

We as expats allow ourselves to be in touch with the doubt – we sacrifice comfort and being away from home to search for a dream. But what is our dream?
IF you found it, share it with us. If you are still searching, start here:

1. Everyone knows, it isn’t in your bank account
We live in a consumerized culture, we are condition to fear the scarcity of resources which makes us greedy and uncertain. We are constantly told that we are not good enough and we are not worth enough and we need to become better. Our dreams become linked to how much we get, what job we have, what house we buy, the car we drive or even the resume of the partner we choose.

2. Come back to Earth
We are human, we need to feel, we need to have faith, we need a purpose, we need to connect. What makes us happy are the people around us and a feeling that we are doing something that is rooted deep down in our hearts.

So far nothing you already didn’t know, but here is the radical surprise in life.

3. You are sufficient, believe in yourself.
Realize that here and now is what you have and it is enough; you are enough. Let go of what you are trying to get and free your attention to what you already have. Experience the sufficiency.

4. The first step is the hardest, but everyone starts walking eventually
The truth is that no one knows you better than yourself, you need to chart the path and walk the walk. Stand up and take the first step with no fear. You will lose balance, it’s a new ground to learn and you learn and you learn until you make that first step. Then you loose balance and fall again and again…until you are strong enough to walk … then you learn to run. We did it as little babies, we need to do it as grown ups too. The only difference is that this time the walk is towards our inner selves. Every day.

5. The sky is the limit
We will soon realize that everyone walks the walk just like we are trying to do. Your path will cross with many people who are there to give you a hand, not to compete. Don’t be afraid to connect, share and walk together. There is no room for greed. We all have different destinations which are personal to us.

Dream human. Dream small. Dream Together.

Simply said,

Stop. Think. Believe. Do. Help.
Learn the difference.
Find the human in you.
Give yourself permission to be.
Live what you are.
Teach others the difference.

Everyday Xpatia shows you how expats are making a difference all over the world. We want your story to be on our page someday. Let us know if you need help along the way 

Team Xpatia


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