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Breaking Through the Expat Bubble

Breaking through the The Expat Bubble.
“We live in protected company housing and work long hours. We don’t know who trust, if we can get sick by trying halo-halo from the street vendor, or if that shopping mall is safe for foreigners. We heard in the news last week that an American was shot in a convenience store. Wrong timing? Was he targeted? And there’s no way we’re going through rush hour without a driver.
Though perfectly valid reasons not to step outside, it’s those fears that keep us from truly experiencing our new home. And as much as I don’t want to get food poisoning or give my mother even more reasons to worry, I’m always looking for more things to explore.
My most vivid experiences have come from moments where I dove right into my surroundings, whether it was a grand backpacking trip, or a simple conversation with a neighborhood hero…”

And I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment. I found a pretty great group of international hikers. We’ve gravitated towards each other, rejecting the typical dining and drinking groups most foreigners flock towards, in favor of outdoor adventures. http://trailadventours.com/

Mango Mornings

“Expat.” That word sometimes rings funny to me. It reminds me too much of Exterior. Excluded. Exit. An outsider. And with nearly 200,000 of us living in the Philippines, we expats are just as diverse and different as the as the big wide world from which we came.

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2 comments on “Breaking Through the Expat Bubble

  1. Liana
    July 29, 2013

    Thanks for sending some love over to Mango Mornings! Hope you enjoyed the video. 🙂

    • Misha Saro
      July 29, 2013

      Absolutely! Such a great way to call us out on living in our “expat bubble”. We as expats are willing to take risks and move to different countries because we think want to see/experience the world to its fullest. Yet sometimes we get stuck in our sense for preservation and need to be reminded that there is so much in that new land to be appreciated that we may be missing out on. I am sure many people can relate to your blog whether they are in the Philippines or not. What expat resources are you guys using there to stay connected with the 200,000 other expats…It would be great to add that information for others to reference if needed.
      Thanks for blogging 🙂

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